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Montana's Challenge: Rethinking Education for the 21st Century

September 20 & 21, 2010 (7:00 pm)
Best Western Great Northern Hotel, Helena

Registration for this conference is now closed. Please call 406-994-0336 for more information.

Registration for this conference is now closed.  Thank youfor your interest and please call us at 406-994-0336 with questions through Friday, 9/17.

Some of the most critical policy decisions affecting the future of every Montanan are the local, state and federal commitments made to education at all levels.  Many argue that access to educational opportunities is the principal ingredient in breaking the cycle of poverty among our poorest families, responding to the rapidly changing technical demands of new and evolving jobs, and adding value to both the services and products offered by Montanans.  If we can no longer be seen as insulated from other states within our region, the nation, or the world, then what commitments must be made if Montana’s educational system is going to create the opportunity for Montanans to be competitive in the  21st century? The Burton K. Wheeler Center’s Fall Conference will focus on the most pressing questions to be faced by educators, legislators, administrators, business interests, parents and students. How can we and how will we rethink education in this century?   Among the questions:

-  Montana's educators have proposed several strategies and iniatives to improve education. What are they and what problems have they been designed to solve?

- What role should the private sector play?  How does business intersect with education and what are the various collaborations which can result?

-  How does the use of technology impact education? What are the best strategies in use now, both here and around the country, and what might we adopt in the future?

-   The Montana Legislature will convene in January of 2011. They will likely be asked to address a number of issues, including national education standards, current dropout rates and administrative efficiencies.  How can each of these be viewed and addressed?

-  Given our state's geography and culture, what special problems do we face?  What are the most cutting edge and effective models "out there" for us and the most likely, cost effective strategies for student success?

Please join us as we gather to discuss these issues and more in September.  Registration is open and the agenda will be available in June..

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“In Montana, we understand the importance of working together to do what’s right for our state. The Wheeler Center encourages Montanans to listen and learn from each other so that together we can work toward solutions that help strengthen Montana. I applaud the Wheeler Center for their commitment to preserving these Montana values.”

-- Montana Junior Senator Steve Daines
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