Past Conference

"Medical Marijuana in Montana: Thoughtful Questions, Responsible Answers"

September 19 & 20, 2011 (7:00 pm)
Red Lion Colonial Hotel, Helena, Montana

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In 2004, Montanans passed a citizen initiative to allow the use of medical marijuana for a limited number of physical maladies. Earlier this year, after lengthy and sometimes heated debate, the major tenets of that bill were nearly eliminated by the 2011 legislature. However, on July 1, a District Court judge struck down most of the changes in the 2011 bill, essentially returning the law to the 2004 version.
Montana's interests in this issue are further complicated by federal policies which have been variously defined and enforced over the past decades.

What then, is the future of medical cannabis use in Montana? In September, the Wheeler Center will host a gathering in Helena which to explore this important issue. Just some of the policies to be discussed include:

- What is the relationship between federal law and the state's authority to allow and regulate medical marijuana?
- What, if any, changes should be made in current law to more accurately reflect the interests and desires of Montanans for the use of marijuana as a prescriptive drug?
- Is the current system for growing and distributing cannabis adequate for patient needs? What changes might be made in terms of regulation and commercialization of marijuana for medicinal purposes?

This conference will allow for a variety of perspectives and, for the first time, the opportunity to fully discuss the issues in a non-partisan, educationally based public forum. All are welcome, please join us.

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“Senator Wheeler knew full well that good policy doesn't come from one person. Doing what's right for Montana-and America-comes from sharing ideas and information, hearing from all sides, and working together. The Wheeler Center honors that vision. It's a valuable resource for our state.”

-- Montana's Senior Senator Jon Tester
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