Event Details

Montana and the three Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan share 545 miles (877 km) of border along the 49th paralllel. Although much of Montana's relationship with the Provinces is defined and controlled by the Federal government, there are State-to-Province discussions and interactions taking place on a daily basis. The recent economic downturn has highlighted the importance of those interactions, for both countries. What are the costs and benefits of our relationship? Where do our respective interests lie? What roles do we each play? What are our responsibilities to each other in these uncertain times?

The Wheeler Center, in collaboration with the Canadan Consulate in Denver, will address the above, focusing on four areas of mutual interest: the border, energy, trade and the environment. The one day (plus an evening) meeting will take place in Great Falls, at the MSU College of Technology.

We'll highlight our cross-border relationships through panel presentations and thorough discussion, including an all-attendee discussion at the end of the gathering. The conference will be organized for those in both the public and private sectors. Representatives in business, industry and government will be especially interested in participating. Our goals are to continue to strengthen relationships, talk about our successes, identify areas of concern and bring new ideas and solutions to the table. Please join us!