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As recently as March 26th, the Ways and Means committee of the US House of Representatives voted to block an effort by House Democrats to force the release of President Trump’s tax returns. The vote turned, based on comments by the Chair and Ranking Democrat, on whether those returns are protected by expectations of personal privacy or subject to review based on a need for transparency among elected officials. Over the first several months of the President’s term, many challenges about conflicts of interest have arisen around his own obligations under the Emoluments Clause, to Trump’s family members’ activities in and outside of the White House, to potential and perceived conflicts among appointees and advisors. This session will start by exploring the formal ethical standards and requirements, ranging from the Constitution to agency level policy, which apply to elected, appointed and merit public servants. It will then consider two related forms of response to potential unethical behavior in the government - whistle blowers and guerrilla government - as a way to reflect on the mechanisms available in the United States, to ensure the highest levels of public sector integrity.
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Montana State University
Jabs Hall S 8th St.
Bozeman, MT 59717

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Tuesday, April 18

3:30pm - 5:30pmPolitics & PizzaJabs Hall room 405